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Tiger propellers used in Fullers ‘Harbour Cat’ overhaul

Rarely does a single commercial vessel go through such a transformation as the ‘Harbour Cat’, operated by Auckland ferry company Fullers in New Zealand.

Constructed and launched as an 18-metre ferry, the ‘Harbour Cat’ worked across various waterways in New Zealand until she wound up in the Fullers Auckland commuter fleet.. Somewhere in her chequered past, the vessel was lengthened by two metres and re-powered. But with the lingering effects of that renovation long since worn off, modern Auckland commuters were beginning to regard her as a noisy and spartan experience.

Fullers Auckland withdrew the ‘Harbour Cat’ vessel from the commuter run and handed her over to the team at Oceania Marine for a complete refit. This began at the keel and worked all the way through the vessel …

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