Great care needs to be taken when designing a strut as shaft movement or water flow disturbance to the propeller are unacceptable attributes. Toein or out for “A” struts can give rise to cavitation and noise. If no compromise is to be made you will need a custom built strut. We offer a wide variety of I, P and Thru Hull struts cast in aluminium, manganese bronze or nickel aluminium bronze, catering for ¾” to 4″ diameter shafts. All are custom made to suit your vessel. The struts are fitted with a Thordon bearing. Henley’s Struts can also be designed and built to survey standards.
We have a wide range of existing patterns for various Designs of hull.

Thru Hull Strut

As the photo shows, the thru hull strut places the flange on the inside of the hull. This system avoids the need to have an exact pattern built which is why we have supplied many of these struts to our export markets as well as domestic applications.
Henley’s have a range of standard patterns to suit applied bhp, shaft & prop diameters.

Advantages are:

  • No pattern costs or delays.
  • The strut supplied can be fitted at various angles and heights to suit the shaft & hull.
  • Low appendage drag as no external flange.
  • Easy installation: simply build a dam around the struts internal flange and pour in the Easi Chok resin to bond into place.
  • Full fitting instructions supplied.
One of our Thru hull strut designs.
Thru hull strut and Henley’s Easiflow Rudder port system.
Photo below shows typical Henley strut design with Tiger Props and Henley Rudders.
Drawing below shows typical install
of a Henley Thru hull strut and
Transom hung rudder.

Strut Bolts

  • 3/8"
  • 1/2"
  • 5/8"