Grease & Propeller Protector


Propeller Protector Grease keeps marine growth off your propeller and exposed underwater metals. It is not only to protect metals from growth but is also used on rigging screws or when bolting fittings above or below the water line. It is non-toxic so you can use it on hands as a barrier cream when antifouling or painting.


PKO is Calcium Sulfonate Complex grease providing excellent performance and superior benefits.
  • Excellent corrosion protection for all marine environments.
  • Wide range of working temperatures from
  • -30°C to 175°C and a drop point in excess of 300°C
  • Good lubrication of small to medium size bearings generally used in marine equipment at shaft speeds of up to 6000rpm @ 140°C.
  • High resistance to water wash-off due to strong adhesion properties to prevent the loss of coating or fling-off.
  • Long term stability over a wide temperature range with no premature hardening.
  • No harmful constituents - solvents and lead free.
  • It can be used with complete confidence for all partially or occasionally submerged joints, linkages, bearings, etc. of shaft and rudder glands,outboards, stern drives, water jets, surface drive units.

500ml POT

250ml POT


BEL-RAY Waterproof Grease is fibrous waterproof grease, providing excellent protection from dirt and salt water by resisting water and sealing out contaminants. Useful temperature range -18°C to 149°C (0°F to 300°F).

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