Easichock Resin

Henley’s also supply custom specified fitting resin called Easi-Chok for quick installation of drive train components. Easi-Chok fitting resin was developed in New Zealand along the lines of a well-known product called Chock fast Orange. The development mandate was for Easi-Chok to exceed the characteristics of chock fast Orange in all areas. Easi-Chok was developed for the prime use of installing stern tubes, struts and rudder glands into GRP composite, timber, steel and aluminium vessels. Installation is extremely simple. A dam that is of structural design to accept applied loads is constructed around the item to be installed and the resin is simply poured into position.
Advantages are:
  • Reduced man-hours for installation.
  • Reduced technical ability required with application.
  • High degree of alignment accuracy and versatility.
  • Electrically isolates installed component.
  • Extremely cost competitive.

Techniglue – ADR240GEL

4:1 Epoxy resin Recommended for construction of fibre reinforced equipment and fittings. Suitable for construction of recreational watercraft. Corrosion resistant flooring and coatings.

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