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Propulsion Viability study options

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Accurate Detail Input – Calculations are based on the information the customer provide to us. Inaccurate vessel and engine information will mean an inaccurate result, so please take the time to check your details. Speed Predictions and propeller pitch are approximate only and dependent on the efficiency of the hull design. For more accurate speed estimates, please supply hull resistance data which can be superimposed over the propeller dynamic thrust curves.

Please note that standard calculations have a fee of $150 including G.S.T which is refundable upon the purchase of a new propeller from Henleys Propellers. This is to prevent people from obtaining propeller sizing from us and then buying their propellers elsewhere. Of course you can do this, but the fee can not then be refunded. This fee does not apply to trade customers (I.E boat builders, marine engineers etc).

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