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Half Couplings

Shaft Half Couplings & Bobbin Spacers

Henley’s Propellers and Marine custom half couplings are manufactured in either cast-iron or medium tensile steel (¾" to 2" cast-iron and 2" to 4" medium tensile steel) to suit the output flange of any standard gearbox flange and or the PCD, spigot of an Isoflex coupling. 
  • All Henley couplings are chromed for rust resistance. 
  • All Henley couplings are tapered and keyed to ensure correct and secure fit.
  • If we supply the shaft then half coupling is tapered, keyed and lapped to match.
  • For non-standard flanges a drawing should be supplied to allow a half coupling to be manufactured. 
Henley’s also custom build bobbin spacers should a gearbox oil pump foul the application of a Isoflex coupling and or to better match the PCD / Spigot of gearbox output to the required dimensions of the shaft half coupling. 

Henley’s in house design team can ensure components match the drivetrain requirements.

Half coupling and 7” Bobbin spacer to suit 3” shaft, 
with 1” Half coupling in front.
  Custom half coupling to suit 4” shaft.



The team at Henleys are happy to manufacture your designs 


The Henleys team are fully qualified to fabricate parts for all boating needs


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