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 S115 Fullers Korora.pdf  Skipper Magazine - January 2017    

Isoflex Wheelhouse Mounts

 Isoflex / Henleys - July 2015
 What Pushes My Boat?
 Professional Skipper - May 2015

The cost of a knot or two
 Pacific PowerBoat - March 2014

Tiger propellers used in Fullers 'Harbour Cat' overhaul  ausmarine magazine - October 2014

 Finding a niche for propellers  SEAFOOD NZ magazine – June 2012  
 Fuel efficiency  BOATING NZ magazine – September 2008  
 Marine Bearings  SEAFOOD NZ magazine – June 2009  
 NZ Businessman review  BUSINESSMAN TODAY – June 2007  
 Pacific Driveline / Henley’s Propellers overview  HENLEYS PROPELLERS  
 Selecting a new Prop  TRADE A BOAT magazine – April 2007  
 Still Bearing up  SEAFOOD NZ magazine – July 2009  
 Stray Current  VERN LINKHORN – Electrolysis authority  
 After sales service ensures smooth sailing  THORDON NEWS WORKS – October 2009  
 AHTS Vessels  THORDON NEWS WORKS - 2008  
 Ground breaking Longevity  DRYDOCK – March 2010  
 Finnish Navy  THORDON  
 Seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearings  THORDON  
 Shaftline conversion on dredge  THORDON  
 Sport fishing  THORDON  
 Ultra quiet fisheries survey vessel  THORDON  


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